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NEWydd are pleased to share that their next Theme Day on Tuesday 19th October will be in recognition of the fantastic work that the NHS, along with many others, have done during the current pandemic.


Newydd will be working with The Woodland Trust to award three schools the chance to win a 30 Tree starter kit each to plant in or around the school area. They are planning on continuing this offer with all their Theme Days this year and anticipate this will mean that over 500 new trees will be planted in Flintshire. Trees not only improve our psychological health but also contribute to keeping our bodies healthy. The winning schools will be chosen at random from those schools taking part in the theme day.


We are hoping to receive hard copies of the fun sheet early next week. Alternatively please print, complete and return to school by Thursday 21st October.

Menu attached is exactly the same as that of June & July 2021. The only exception is Week 2 on Monday the pudding is Raspberry rather than Cherry Crumble.


Week 1 is week commencing 6th September, 27th September & 18th October

Week 2 is week commencing 13th September & 4th October

Week 3 week commencing 20th September & 11th October