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Confidentiality Post Box & Schoop

To maintain confidentiality for all we have introduced a Confidential Post Box for Late Slips and Signing Out Slips. This is situated where the old Late Book and Signing Out Book were.


If your child arrives at school after school starts at 08.50am please complete a Late Slip and post in the box. These slips are important in tracking attendance.


If your child leaves school during the school day, please complete a Signing Out Slip and post in the box. These slips are important in the event of a fire etc.


This post box is kept locked at all times and only opened by a member of staff. This new procedure will start from Monday 18th June 2018.


Please also ensure you are signed up to Schoop, this is where the majority of our information is sent out and particularly useful to update you on last minute things should as the cancellation of an After School Club or Sports Day etc.


Thank you for your co-operation.


Mrs C Lloyd