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John Summers High School Site

You may have seen the increased number of contractors/workers on the John Summers High School site, I can confirm that the contractor Kier have moved onto the high school site to start work to demolish the high school building.


Survey work and work to prepare the building needs to be completed before demolition of the high school can start; we will keep you updated on progress.


To ensure the health and safety for all concerned, we will not be able to allow access through the high school car park from the Travis Perkins footpath (if you cross the playing fields) from 9th January 2018, if you do cross the fields after this date you will not be able to get to the primary school.  May I suggest that children either walk up Westminster Crescent and then up North Street if they walk to school on their own or down to the main road and along the pavement turning right into the entrance for school but only if accompanied by a parent/carer.